International Office: Information and Advisory Service for International Students at the Fachhochschule Dortmund

You are a non-European-citizen and enrolled to study at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts (FH Dortmund)?

In that case the International Office is your contact point regarding questions about your studies, your qualifications as well as how to manage your daily life in a new environment away from home. We offer social advice to international students concerning their studies, search for accommodation take care of admission and registration, help with formalities at German administrative bodies.

We also offer financial aids and scholarships (e.g. the AMICUS scholarship and the Final Degree Scholarship for international students).
To facilitate the start of your life in Germany we organise AMICUS introduction day and present a large variety of information, guided tours and tutorials. You can get into contact with your new fellow students and make your first friends. Amicus Introduction is held in German language only - English taught Master programmes have their own introduction days - you will receive information about it on the website of your chosen programme and via email. Do not hesitate to contact your study course management for more information on that issue too!

During the course of study organise a large variety of intercultural leisure activities and excursions (have a look at our semester programme!) and we inform about language courses, tutorials and more! We want you to feel comfortable in Dortmund and be well integrated at our university so that you are able to study successfully here.

Please note that for English taught programmes it is also of a great importance to learn German. Not only does it help with your studies, but also enables you to take part in daily activities in Germany. You can already take German classes before your stay at our university.

Please note that the International Office doesn't have any accommodation service for degree-seeking students.



Social Advice and Support during the Studies, Integration Talks, Tutorials

We are here to support you with any arising questions concerning your studies and your life in Dortmund. International Office organises different informative and leisure time events, excursions, tutorials and conduct individual integration talks with international Bachelor students in their 2.-3. semester. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Registration, Working and Residence Permit, Immigration Office Issues, Blocked Account, Proof of Finance

Do you have questions about working or staying in Dortmund during or after your studies? Do you need a certificate for the Immigration Office or have some issues regarding your visa, residence permit or registration at the Citizen Services? Here you will find a lot of helpful information! Do not hesitate to contact your International Office if you have any questions!


Accommodation in Dortmund and Surroundings, Landlord Confirmation, Public Broadcasting License Fees, Bank Account

Dortmund and surroundings offer you low priced living and different accommodation types - you will find here various dormitories and private apartments. How can you find a room for a reasonable price? Where to apply? How to register in the city and what should you keep in mind? Here you will find the answers!


Living Costs, Health Insurance, Social Contribution, Public Broadcasting License Fees and Mobility in Dortmund

During your studies there are many expenditures you should keep in mind. To make sure that you have a good time and are able to study and live comfortably, you should be aware of these costs. You can use our information as a means of orientation for your stay in Germany. In case you also want to know more about health insurance or your semester ticket please check our information here.


Scholarships and Finance, DAAD Award, Bank and Blocked Account, Job and Internship Search

There are some possibilities to apply for a scholarship, e.g. if you have received good results in your studies so far or registered your final Bachelor or Master thesis. Many students are also searching for a job- or internship offers. You can find out more about that issues here!


In Case of Emergency & Important Things to Know

During your studies there might be some emergency situations you have been forced into and are not able to get out of on your own. There are many points which can support you and help you to find the needed solution. There are also possible obstacles which you should pay attention to so that you do not get into trouble at all. Here you will all important information regarding that topic and many helpful solutions.


Leisure Time Activities, Information Events, Excursions, University Sports, Theatre and Language Courses

The International Office organises each semester different ex- cursions, information events and leisure time activities for the students of FH Dortmund at little or no cost. Our university itself, the city of Dortmund and the Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) itself offer a wide range of exciting leisure time activities too. Take a look at our International Semester Pro- gramme!


Information about Dortmund and the NRW-Region

Further information regarding living, enjoying, working and relaxing in the Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) can be found on our website.


Exchange Students

Information for Exchange Students who are only staying for one or two semesters can be found here!


AMICUS Introduction Days for International Students

Each year at the beginning of the winter term the International Office welcomes our new international students with AMICUS introduction days and offer you a whole day intercultural training. Amicus introduction days offer you a great opportunity to get to know other international students, make new friends in Dortmund and get important information for a good start of your studies! Register and join us!