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ERASMUS+ study abroad

Students of Fachhochschule Dortmund can take part in the ERASMUS+ exchange programme and study at European partner institutions, with which we have a contract and exchange places fixed.

The ERASMUS+ scholarship contains exemption from study fees and a financial grant. On this page you can find information on the application process for an ERASMUS+ study.

The website is constantly updated because many information is provided to us very short-listed. Therefore, please inform regularly on this site as we fulfil our obligation to inform with this publication.

Participation requirements

In the EU-programme ERASMUS+ the acquisation and acknowledgement of academic performances is a fundamental particiapation requirement.

Students of FH Dortmund can take part in the ERASMUS+ - programme if they are

  • matriculated for a full-time study (study with BA, MA degree),
  • at the beginning of the stay abroad enrolled at least in the third semester (MA-students already have their bachelor degree and therefore can apply already in their 1st semester) and
  • prove sufficient knowledge of the teaching language at the partner university (to be verified by language certificate).

ERASMUS+ students can study at an ERASMUS+ partner university for one or two semesters within one academic year, depending on the cooperation agreement and the partner university acceptance.


1 March of each year applies to be the registration deadline to apply for an ERASMUS+ - study in the following academic year. Until that date the nomination form, signed by the faculty, has to be uploaded in Mobility Online.

If you want to take part in the ERASMUS+ exchange in the academic year 2018/2019 - also in summer term 2019 - you have to register until 1 March 2018 with your nomination form.
For this you need a confirmation from the international relations representative of your faculty, who has to sign the form.
At the same time you have to pay attention to the application deadlines at the partner universities, which are for example often before 31 May for winter term.

In case you miss the deadline of 1 March a financial support can not be guaranteed.

If no financial support is possible, but there are still exchange places available, you can study as a so called "zero grant student" at the partner university and benefit from exemption from study fees at the partner university.

Application and selection

Basic information on the application: 

You can only apply for one partner university.

Before application, compare the course offer at your desired university with the courses of your field of study at FH Dortmund and subsequently prepare a Learning Agreement after consultation with your international relations representative.

Students from our university apply  with the "application for nomination" ("Antrag auf Nominierung") at the responsible coordinators or the international relations representatives for the respective partner university, who are also in charge of selection and allocation of the university places.


ERASMUS Representative

The coordinator for your department can be found in the list below.
If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact Ms. Hösch / International Office.

FB architecture Prof. Dr. Schultz-Fölsing
FB design Prof. Dirk Gebhardt
FB electrical engineering Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yan Liu

FB information technology


Prof. Dr. Ingo Kunold (Ungarn, Tschechien, Finnland) 

Prof. Dr. Wagner (weitere Kontakte) 

FB computer science Prof. Dr. Christian Reimann
FB mechanical engineering

Dr. Malcolm Usher

FB Applied Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Michael Boecker
FB economy   Partnerhochschulen- und Länderbeauftragte des Fachbereichs
Higher Education Coordinator Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH) Dagmar Hösch

**HERE** application and registration to ERASMUS-programme

The registration to the ERASMUS-programme is now only available on the online portal.

Make your application for nomination for the ERASMUS-study on the applicant portal.

Access to the applicant portal Mobility Online

As soon as you have registered and were nominated by the faculty (application for nomination will be generated during registration and can be printed in your work-flow), you will receive an email by the International Office with further information on application to the ERASMUS+ programme.

Please make sure you read the document "Important information on the application"!

Amount of financial support

The amount of financial support depends on your target country; there are three different country groups, divided  into countries with high, moderate or lower cost of living.

The financial support will be accurately calculated to the day.





Group 1

(high cost of living)

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom


15,00 €

Group 2

(intermediate cost of living)

Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus


13,00 €

Gruppe 3

(low cost of living)

Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia (FYROM), Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary


11,00 €

Please note, that there is no legal right to a financial support or to a certain level of grant. 

If there are no funds available anymore students can still study as ERASMUS-scholarship holders at the partner universities. in these cases no mobility support will be paid (Zero Grant Scholarship).

Funding period
Due to the national requirements of the DAAD and the associated funding levels, the maximum funding period for an ERASMUS study in the academic year 2019/20 is 4 months (120 days).

Students who enroll at a host university for two semesters abroad can be funded for a maximum of 8 months.

The total amount of support will continue to be calculated at the end of the stay to the day and includes only the proven academic stay at the host university.

Reporting obligation

All funded students, who took part in ERASMUS+ mobility, are obliged to submit a report at the latest four weeks after the end of the academic stay abroad. Via Mobility Online you draw up your report and upload it with the relevant evidence (Confirmation of Stay, report on experience gained)to the Mobility Online portal.

If the reporting obligation is not complied in time, the last rate can be withheld.


If it appears that your stay exceeds (study related) the planned and in the system entered end date, you have to apply for extension at the International Office one month before this planned end date. You have to do this in your member account and it applies to extensions by a few days up to a few weeks or months and also if you e.g. want to extend by a whole semester (latter is only possible, if you are in your winter term and you want to stay at the partner university for the summer semester aswell).

For extension by a semester at the partner university first arrange with the partner university and your international relations representative, because their permission to the extension of ERASMUS+ - programme must also be uploaded one month before the planned end date (via informal email to be present in the International Office.

Only then the extension can be processed. In these cases it is also necessary to make a new Learning Agreement. Furthermore, in all extension cases a new Grant Agreement is necessary. These steps will be activated in your member account as soon as the extension was processed by us.

Please note that: An extension has to connect directly to the current stay abroad. Beyond the summer semester an extension for another semester is not possible, because the funding deadlines only include the european academic year. For proven examination phases or additional studies at the partner university an extension until the end of the funding deadline (30 September of each year) can be approved. The maximum funding period must not be exceeded. 

An extension from summer semester for one further semester in the following academic year is only possible with a new application at the responsible exchange coordinators at the FH Dortmund, because it must be examined if the contractually agreed contingent with the partner university is exhausted.

If there are financial resources for punctual received extension applications for the continued payment of the ERASMUS+ mobility programme is not foreseeable. This will be communicated as soon as there is an overview of the financial resources and the amount of extension months and ERASMUS shortenings. If there were no or insufficient financial resources, an extension could still take place, but it is possible that the extension period would partly or not at all be funded. (so called zero grant days).

Late application for remainder places

If you want to apply even after expiry of the application period for an ERASMUS+ exchange in the summer semester, please contact the responsible international relations representatives of your faculty to see if there are remaining spots available.

Please note, that late applicants also have no claim to a mobility grant. A grant can only be awarded if there are remaining funds availiable.

Applications for remaining seats must be made until 1 September .

Cancellation, abandonment, shortening of the stay abroad or return with no performances

You are obliged to immediately inform the International Office and the programme officer of the home and hosting partner university, if you default or prematurely abandon your stay abroad. Also, when you shorten your stay abroad from two planned semesters to only one semester abroad you have to explicitly inform the partner university and the home university (faculty and International Office).

In case of cancellation or premature abandonment and a duration of stay less than three months the whole received mobility grant must be immediately repaid, as the minimum duration of stay of 3 months must be achieved. For a duration of stay of more than 3 months only the amount received for the defaulted months has to be repaid exactly to the day.

For return without any credit points an already paid grant will be claimed back.

**NEW** maximum funding period in ERASMUS+

The maximum funding period per study cycle (BA/MA) amounts to twelve months and can be combined of at least two-month internships and/or at least three-month studies abroad.

2 x 5 months study abroad + 2 months internship abroad = 12 funding months

9 months internship abroad +  3 months study abroad = 12 funding months

Special grants for single parents or students with disabilieties

ERASMUS+ shall promote equal opportunities and inclusion. For this reason the access to the programme is facilitated for students from disadvantaged backgrounds (this applies in Germany for the ERASMUS+ programme to students who are single parenting during the stay abroad) and students with special needs.

Special funding for participants with disabilities

Useful information on universities which are handicapped accessible from the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education:

Special funding for students with children as a lump sum

Students who take their children with them on the ERASMUS+ study abroad into the country where the programme takes place and are there single parenting during the ERASMUS+ mobility, can receive special funds as a lump sum. The maximum monthly funding is fixed by three country groups.