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Smart Care Service

Platform for the timely and flexible bringing together of people in need of care and available, local providers

Fast facts

About the project

The joint project Smart Care Service uses innovative ways to minimize staff shortages by using resources more efficiently. A platform solution will be developed that connects people with a need for care, assistance, support and relief services or household-related services promptly and flexibly with available providers in their vicinity. It is intended to combine some functionalities of Amazon and UBER. The University of Applied Sciences Dortmund is involved in the analysis of market and framework conditions, the preparation of requirements and process analyses and the development of concrete usage scenarios. It is responsible for profitability analyses, the development of suitable business models and a
decision support system for the fair distribution of the resulting efficiency gains among the partners.

Funded by

Fördergeber Landesregierung NRW
Fördergeber Europäische Union – Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung
Fördergeber EFRE.NRW



Cooperation / project partners

  • VIVAI Software AG
  • InHaus GmbH
  • Sozialwerk St. Georg
  • EBZ Business School

Contact & Team

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