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Skin Cancer Indication Engineering

Skin Cancer Indication Engineering: Development of a self-learning monitoring system for the classification of skin characteristics for the assessment of actinic keratosis by patients at home

Fast facts

About the project

The project is aimed at the development of a monitoring system for the classification of skin properties for the assessment of actinic keratosis by patients for home use. In critical or unclear situations, the patient will be asked by the system to consult a specialist. This information is aimed at an action to be taken by the patient at an early time, so that timely medical treatments can be carried out by a specialist. The system to be developed consists of an infrastructure consisting of a mobile skin probe, a mobile application (app) and a software cloud. The mobile skin probe is easy to use and enables patients to measure relevant skin properties in the home environment. The data will then be transmitted to the app. The app also allows patients to enter their anamnesis data. These data and the measurement data are finally sent to the cloud, which analyzes the received data and sends the calculated results back to the patient.

Funded by

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)



Funding program / research program

ZIM (Central innovation program for small and medium-sized enterprises)

Cooperation / project partners

Courage + Khazaka GmbH

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  • Fachhochschule Dortmund | Matthias Kleinen

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