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Di-PAS st

Di-PAS st - Soziale Teilhabe in Gesundheit und Pflege

Fast facts

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    • Federal project
  • Funding source

    Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales - BMAS,Fachhochschule Dortmund,unbekannte Organisation

  • Funding program

    BMAS ESF Wandel der Arbeit sozialpartnerschaftlich gestalten: weiter bilden und Gleichstellung fördern,Eigenanteil FH,Mittel Dritter

  • Duration

About the project

Nowadays, digitalization is in full swing and there are many areas that are fully or at least partially automated. In this context, digital assistance systems play a central role in supporting people in their everyday lives and daily work. However, the use of digital assistance systems is not yet so widespread in the health and care sector, even though a large number of digital assistance systems already exist for this area. Not only the selection of a suitable tool, but also its integration into the work processes of employees is seen as a challenge.

The pilot project "DI-PAS st" (Soziale Teilhabe in Gesundheit und Pflege durch digitale Assistenzsysteme, social participation in health and care through digital assistance systems) addresses precisely these problems. The aim is to test and apply digital assistance systems for the health and care sector, social participation and integration into the labor market. In a further step, innovative and novel training and further education formats will be developed.

Over the course of the project, the EWZ (Entwicklungszentrum für berufliche Qualifizierung und Integration GmbH), the BDP (Bund Deutscher Pfadfinder Soziale Dienste gGmbH) and other inpatient and outpatient care services will be supported in order to find solutions to cross-company challenges.

The findings of the project will then be processed in such a way that other companies in the health and care sector can draw on this knowledge in the future. This will make a long-term positive contribution to digitalization in the health and care sector.

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