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Concepts and Tools to Measure, Analyze and Optimize Edge Service Performance in the European Cloud-Edge Continuum.

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About the project

The increasing industry deployment of applications with real-time processing characteristics such as autonomous driving, augmented reality, distributed management of smart power grids or control of unmanned aerial vehicles will make intensive use of processing power at the edge of existing communication networks. In other words, data will be processed closely to its origin rather than in distant cloud computing centers.

Edge Computing developed over the last decade to a widely accepted concept with available public commercial solutions and private custom-tailored solutions for specific demands. However, potential users of applications with real-time quality of service requirements often lack appropriate tools to either assess the suitability of public edge service offerings or to plan, design and build their own tailored edge computing solution. 

EMULATE aims at providing two platforms that shall form an integral part of such a toolset: 

  1. An emulation platform that facilitates the generation of a virtual copy of an existing physical environment. Within this emulated environment various deployment scenarios can be tested for the respective real-time application.
  2. A diagnosis platform that will analyze existing physical and emulated infrastructures and provide meaningful performance metrics to assess their suitability for defined application requirements.

Both contributed platforms will be tested extensively together with partners from different industry segments such as telecommunications, automotive and embedded electronics systems.

The implementation and testing of these innovative tools for effective and efficient management of a typical edge service involve cutting edge research in a variety of subject matter areas:

  • Modelling of virtual computing systems and hypervisors including Graphics Processing Units in order to accurately mimic their performance in emulated environments.
  • Analyze different networking solutions for different environments with respect to their impact on the end-to-end performance of edge services.
  • Define new measurement approaches for performance diagnoses across black-box systems 
  • Application of artificial intelligence in performance pattern recognition for bottleneck identification in end-to-end systems
  • Identification of optimized resource allocation approaches for industry deployments and non-industry applications 

The individual contributions of the project will be delivered by six workpackages until the end of 2026.

Workpackage 1 – Edge Emulation Platform

Workpackage 2 – Edge Diagnosis Platform

Workpackage 3 – Edge QoS Management and Algorithms

Workpackage 4 – Concept Validation on Infrastructure Level

Workpackage 5 – Concept Validation on Application Level

Workpackage 6 – Dissemination

Project EMULATE has just started. There are more than 15 attractive positions available, now! If you are interested, please do not hesitate to apply here. 

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