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Scenographic Design and Communication (M.A.)

Fast facts

  • Academic degree

    Master of Arts (M.A.)

  • Standard program duration

    3 Semesters

  • Social contribution


  • Language of instruction


  • Admission


  • Start of studies

    Summer and Winter

  • Application EU citizen

    Summer semester: Beginning of December to 15 January; Winter Semester: Mid May to 15 July

  • Application non-EU citizen

    Summer semester: Beginning of December to 15 January; Winter Semester: Mid May to 15 July

What is it about?

Master Scenographic Design and Communication deals with problems like...

  • How to design museum and exhibition rooms across different media?
  • How to create narrative qualities in film, theater and stage spaces?
  • What potential does the scenographic design of public spaces offer with regard to shaping social developments?
  • What scenographic communication strategies are relevant for the future?

Scenographic Design and Communication is unique because...

there is freedom to experiment with individual projects, as well as interdisciplinary teamwork on concrete implementations of budgeted third-party funded projects in collaboration with external partners. Academic modules accompany and reflect the program up to the Master's project stage.

The curriculum offers specialization in:

  • exhibition
  • museum
  • art for public spaces
  • stage

Please note:
The module handbook and the faculty site are only available in German at the moment. Please visit the German website for more details.

Who is it for?

Who is a perfect match?

A person...

  • who enjoys experimenting and interdisciplinarity
  • who is interested in numerous tasks and likes exploring artistic design regardless of the chosen media
  • who wants to improve their understanding of design, planning, and implementation processes, individually and in teams

Graduates of this Master's program find job opportunities in fields like:

  • exhibition design
  • museum, trade fair, and exposition design
  • scenographic design in film and theater
  • stage design
  • design of virtual spaces
  • art for public spaces
  • interior and shop design

What do I need?

Who can help me?

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