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IDiAL Annual Report 2021 published


The Institute for the Digital Transformation of Application and Living Domains (IDiAL) has published its Annual Report that can be downloaded here PDF-File 25,10 MB  (pdf file | 25.10 MB) . Founded in 2017 as the central scientific institute of Fachhochschule Dortmund, IDiAL can look back on a very successful year 2021 that is reflected in more than 30 ongoing research projects(Opens in a new tab) , several organized conferences, more than 40 own publications  and more than 100 final theses supervised at the institute.

IDiAL cooperates with researchers from all faculties of the university, both in joint third-party funding applications and, in some cases, in ongoing projects. In addition to subject-specific workshops, summer and winter schools, more than 100 international mobilities for students and teaching staff were arranged and financed. IDiAL makes continuing qualification possible for more than 50 staff members, 26 of them pursuing cooperative doctorates. The institute is primarily financed by third-party funds - more than 3.3 million euros in 2021 - as well as by additional funding from Fachhochschule Dortmund (including approx. 300,000 euros in basic funding in 2021, building rent). In association with the faculties, Fachhochschule Dortmund can position itself as a university of digital transformation.

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