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Face-to-face consultations


Starting 16 August 2021, the International Office, the Office for Student Affairs (Studienbüro) and the Central Student Advisory Services (ZSB)/Career Service at Dezernat Studium und Internationales will offer limited face-to-face consultations on a trial basis by appointment only. 

Are you seeking advice, or would you like an appointment for a face-to-face consultation for a difficult issue/problem? In this case, please proceed as described below. 

Please note: If you, as a student, need e.g. an enrollment confirmation (Studienbescheinigung) or other documents that you can generate and print out yourself via ODS or in the study portal, you do not need to come to the university in person! 

  1. Please contact the person via e-mail who you would like to make a personal appointment with at the university.
  2. Briefly describe the matter you would like to discuss and provide a phone number so we can call you back.
  3. The person you requested will call you and let you know whether they can offer you a face-to-face consultation or if the appointment can only take place via the previously available options (phone/video call). If a face-to-face consultation is possible, you can arrange an appointment immediately.
  4. Please note: You can enter the buildings of Fachhochschule Dortmund for a personal consultation in our offices only wearing a FFP 2 mask.

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