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Science Day

Between Digitality and Artificial Intelligence


Representatives of the organizers of the Science Day at DASA (from left): Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal (City of Dortmund), Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle (Chairman Dortmund Foundation), FH Rector Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schwick and TU Rector Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer. (Photo: Roland Gorecki)

The two major topics of digitality and artificial intelligence (AI) were the focus of the 17th Dortmund Science Day. All interested parties could once again experience science live on November 12, 2021: The network windo e.V., the city of Dortmund and the Dortmund Foundation had invited to the "DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung" as well as to the digital participation.

The participating scientists, including Dr. Matthias Becker from the Department of Computer Science at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, provided professional impulses from different perspectives. He presented how AI can help in the diagnosis of skin cancer, and he also addressed the advantages and disadvantages of the digital patient file.

Michael Steinbrecher, professor of journalism at the TU Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, led through the event, repeatedly taking into account questions from the audience. The topics included trust in technology and responsibilities when machines make decisions.

The team from storyLab kiU at the University of Applied Sciences provided an extraordinary light and sound installation.

The stage program ended with an impressive light and sound installation: students from the „storyLab kiU(Opens in a new tab) “ der Fachhochschule präsentierten eine Projektion auf dem Ofen in der Stahlhalle, sodass einzelne Objekte – akustisch unterlegt – scheinbar miteinander kommunizierten.

Contributions from the Dortmund U

Further program contributions, among others from an economic perspective and with a view to AI in logistics, came via streaming from the Dortmunder U. What can AI do? What can AI do? These were the questions addressed by a panel discussion in which Prof. Dr. Sabine Sachweh(Opens in a new tab) , spokesperson for the Institute for the Digitalization of Work and Living Environments (IDiAL(Opens in a new tab) ) at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, also took part.

Joint action day

This year, the Science Day was part of the joint action day "Friday with a Future?" with the DASA and the finale of the Digital Week Dortmund  (DiWoDo(Opens in a new tab) ). The interactive DASA exhibition "On People, Data and Control" was ceremoniously opened in the evening - visitors to Science Day were able to get an impression of the new exhibition in advance on a "sneak tour".

Re-Live: Review of the Science Day

On the page freitag-mit-zukunft.de(Opens in a new tab)  you will find the recording of the Science Day livestream and supplementary information. In addition, short video clips ("science windows") allow a look behind the scenes of research at scientific institutions in Dortmund.

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