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Studying Abroad

A semester abroad offers the opportunity to get to know another culture and other people.

The result is a skill that will be attested in the future when looking at the CV: Intercultural competence. Often, a semester abroad results in a new perspective, not only on the foreign country, but also on one's own field of study, since study components may be weighted differently abroad and unfamiliar teaching methods may be used. Another advantage of a semester abroad is that it requires a number of qualities that are highly valued in any profession and are in demand everywhere - flexibility, independence and autonomy.

Making new acquaintances, getting to know a foreign culture and a new university system, and at the same time improving your language skills - the learning effect of a semester abroad is much greater and, above all, more effective and intensive than that of a semester at your home university.

A semester abroad is associated with a higher organizational effort and often also with higher costs than studying in the home country. Therefore, the time of preparation should not be too short. It is advisable to deal with the topic about 1 year before the start of the semester abroad and to obtain initial information and, if necessary, to begin with the linguistic preparation. 

The International Office provides information on these websites, but also in the context of individual consultations or in information events in the departments, on all important topics concerning studying abroad. You will receive support from the very beginning in planning and preparing your stay abroad, and you will also learn how to apply for funding opportunities and support programs.

Organizing a stay abroad takes time - start thinking and planning in good time and contact your International Office with all your questions right at the beginning.

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