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International CultureCafé (IKC) - a cultural journey through different countries

Each semester, the International Office organizes cultural evenings, called International Culture Café (IKC), at which we present traditional music, Art, customs and culinary specialties of a variety of countries.

Each semester, the International Office organizes colorful cultural evenings, which focus either on one continent or a lot of different single countries. The International Culture Café, short "IKC", offers international students the unique opportunity to present music, Art, customs and culinary specialties of their home country to a broad audience. This way, visitors get a direct insight into the culture of the respective country in a very authentic, personal way and within a relaxed setting.The IKC can be seen as a journey through different countries and enables its participants to experience different cultures live.

We offer this unforgettable series of events in cooperation with the International Office of TU Dortmund and the student representatives (AStA) of the two universities.

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated hygiene regulations, the Internationale Culture Café will take place in compliance with strict hygiene regulations (or digitally).

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