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People at IDiAL

Under the aegis of the research focus Process Improvement for Mechatronic and Embedded Systems (PIMES) and in collaboration with research focus Mobile Business – Mobile Systems (MBMS), Intelligent Business Information Systems (iBIS), and BioMedizinTechnik (BMT), ten professors from 4 faculties founded IDiAL as the logical next step. 

IDiAL currently employs more than 40 members of staff on research projects, who are mostly co-located at Otto-Hahn-Str. 23 in order to facilitate information exchange and cooperation across the projects. The research associates include 18 postgraduates in cooperative doctoral studies with partner universities, partially funded by the Dortmund University of Applied Science and Arts doctoral programme. IDiAL can rely on a strong network of universities supporting this work. The partners in this case include the TU Dortmund, the Hagen Open University, and the universities of Bielefeld, Kassel and Paderborn.