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Ruhrvalley - Management Project

The ruhrvalley Management Office, located in the Further Education Academy Mont-Cenis in Herne, has been established in the course of the management project. The Management Office provides support and management services across the organisation. Targeted project formats and interventions bring the companies and universities of applied sciences in the network into interaction to promote innovation. With its particular innovation profile, ruhrvalley overall acts within a multidimensional target system: Research forms the basis for the innovations which are ultimately implemented and pushed on the market by companies. As a result the partners trigger direct and indirect effects that in turn foster transition in the region. The ruhrvalley activities are an important driver for the universities of applied sciences to reach their specific goals. Overall, the target system mapped in the ruhrvalley scorecard includes twelve strategic goals which are operationalised in 36 manageable individual goals.

The Management Office plans, steers and controls the activities of all partners with a view to achieving the strategic and operational goals of ruhrvalley. It performs eight central functions: Process and results controlling succeeds with consistent Project Management of both individual plans, and multi-project management that keeps an eye on interdependencies between the projects, as well as the overall goals. Systematic Partner Management identifies and recruits new partners for ruhrvalley, and develops project induced cooperations into longer term strategic partnerships. In order to sustainably strengthen the research priorities of the universities of applied sciences and the development activities of the SMEs, a structured Personnel Development concept is being generated and implemented. Additionally, the knowledge generated in the projects is propagated in Teaching and Further Education, mostly in the Ruhr Master School. The interface to the market and the public is provided by the Marketing and Communication section. Event Management helps strengthening the network from the inside out as well as a communication channel to prospective new partners or the wide public. Innovation Management creates new fields of innovation and locates solutions developed in ruhrvalley into the innovation process. These activities in turn form the starting point to initiate Business Start-ups.

To complete its tasks the Management Office is in constant contact with the relevant departments of the three university administrations (especially research support, third party funding/finance, technology transfer, start-up consultancy, personnel management and development, university marketing, public relations, university development).