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Smart Service Power

Intelligent data aggregation and usage for innovative features in the context of age appropriate, technology supported living in the community

Demographic change is leading to a nursing crisis, not only in Germany: There is a lack of staff and costs are continuously rising. Smart Service Power would like to develop a solution and enable age appropriate, technology supported living in the community by intelligent digitalisation and 'smartification'. The sick, people in need of nursing or care, people with impairments and the elderly should be able to live as long as possible, socially integrated in their own community, according to their wishes, thereby aiding the reduction of costs in care and follow on costs for health insurances, church and council providers, though prevention, close to home provision, and networked value creation chains.

The project initially wants to integrate existing features in the areas of e-health, smart home, AAL, distress call systems, care and home help services, and interlink their data silos. The bringing together of the various data of the occupant, in combination with intelligent analysis and evaluation, not only collects more distress signals, but demand conditions will be derived and forwarded. Processes, connections and changes become visible and can be proacvtively reacted to.

In this project intelligent algorithms will be developed that recognise emergencies in the home and can capture the needs of the occupant. These algorithms will work on the basis of probabilistic models, to be developed in the project, and utilise both vital data of the occupant and activity data from the smart home. Commercially available systems and sensors for vital data capture and smart home will be integrated for this.

Safety modules will be generated to ensure end-to-end safety. In collaboration with the application partners, a legal data usage concept with flexible and context based access right will be also developed.

Cost effectiveness analysis will also be part of this project and based on that, suggestions for business models. On top of that, a system to support the decision making will be devised, to suggest a fair allocation of savings and returns for the collaborative business models.