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System innovation for Mobility and Energy in the Metropolis

The SiME project's research topic is the system oriented innovation process for the energetic and mobility orientated transformation of metropolitan regions. The implementation of holistic system innovations in the mobility and energy sector has so far lagged significantly behind expectations. The transformation of energy and mobility systems manages only inadequately to consider the market conditions or rather the specific value chain configurations of the market, the ecological and societal challenges, the individual usage habits, latest findings and technologies developed elsewhere, as well as the relevant political and regulatory framework. The ambitious targets of the mobility and energy transition are not, however, achievable with incremental innovations. Additionally, the formulation of integrated solutions requires trans disciplinary cooperation across domains with new partners from commerce and science. To meet these challenges of system development, systemic barriers within this process need to be analysed, development requirements need to be specified and instruments as well as systems engineering based methods need to be developed in order to shape an open and integrative innovation process. The aim of the SiME project is to work out integrated guidance for a functioning future energy and mobility system, gain a better understanding of barriers for the transition to such a system with a high degree of innovation, and to develop a systems engineering based, practice oriented design tool and to systematically put this to the test in the example of the Ruhr metropolitan region.