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Intelligent product structures for logistics integrating innovative technical automotive components

Electronic vehicle components, i.e. embedded systems, have gained in importance in automotive production for years. Consequently, product complexity has increased significantly and in both the supply chain and after sales business new requirements and opportunities for logistics arise that could give significant savings.

The current logistical structure of automotive product data does not make adequate allowance for the technical characteristics of the electronical components to evaluate such effects and opportunities. It is necessary to enrich this product structure with technical information about the compatibility of different electronic components, development perspectives, product life cycle information and resulting dependencies.

The BMBF-funded project ILogTec pursues an interdisciplinary approach in the development of an enhanced logistics concept, bridging engineering, information technology and business administration. The universities involved contribute technical expertise from two research clusters, which work on development processes and prototypes for embedded systems (PIMES, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund) and for electric mobility (University of Applied Sciences Bochum) in cooperation with partners from the automotive industry.