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GerNe Digital!

The project GerNe Digital pursues the goal of optimizing the care of geriatric patients through digital cross-sector and cross-actor networking. For this purpose, the hospital information systems of the participating clinics will be merged with the electronic file (EFA) and the neighborly care platform (PiQ). The latter two systems are two digital solutions that are not yet linked. With this digital networking structure to be developed, interface problems between the individual sectors, including home care, are overcome. On the one hand, this integration should provide relevant data from the home environment for the treatment of geriatric patients to the clinics / nursing home at the time of inpatient admission. On the other hand, caregivers, patients and their relatives receive important information on sustainable medical care through the transfer of discharge documents and targeted treatment recommendations for life at home to complete inpatient care. Furthermore, relatives and patients are informed, advised and trained about the PiQ platform in a diagnostic and disease-specific way so that a supportive care in the neighborhood is also supported after the inpatient stay. Via the mobile application of the PiQ platform, the patients can, among others, be localized and call for "help at the touch of a button", which keeps mobility and security longer. Further services will be collected and tested as needed during the project phase.