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DFG Research Training Group 2167 - User-Centred Social Media

Gaze sharing to support social navigation and guidance

The project 'Gaze sharing to support social navigation and guidance' is associated with the DFG Research Training Group - User-Centred Social Media, at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Innovative man-machine interfaces that also utilise the recording, evaluation and mirroring back of eye tracking are considered. In the field of eye tracking based analysis, algorithms will be developed, that allow statements relating to interaction and reading behaviour. For the design of man-machine interfaces in support of communication, cooperation and coordination via eye tracking, eye contact and gaze sharing (knowledge of the current focus of the counterpart) are essential concepts for the design of social media. Studies show that transmission of the focal point of each different user has a positive effect on the cooperation in synchronous social media.

The topic of the dissertation project is to explore gaze sharing also in asynchronous settings. The asynchronous, collaborative resource utilisation of text based educational content will be investigated as an application example of social media. Learning of programming concepts of both visual and text based languages will be observed as a specific application. In the learning platform that results from this project, eye movement tracking of the student will be recorded and made available in an aggregated form. Additionally gaze paths of experts will be integrated, as these can also be helpful in some situations. The project aims to show the effect of gaze paths, both for individual and collaborative learning, and to generate indicators for the design of educational resources.