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open standard APplication Platform for carS and TrAnsportation vehiCLEs

The complexity of software intensive embedded automobile systems has reached a new dimension with the implementation of connected car scenarios and the associated networking of vehicles. To ensure the system safety of a vehicle it will no longer be sufficient to just consider and appropriately respond to errors that stem from components in the individual vehicle, like defective sensors. When developing a connected car, the data exchange with external sources will also need to be considered. This does not only result in further possibilities for service offerings for vehicle occupants but also the danger of gaps in security. As a result there are new demands with respect to data protection as well as the trustworthiness of external data. Already during the system development of the vehicle well defined interfaces for the exchange with the IoT platform are needed on the one hand, but also adherence to standards of the automobile industry like AUTOSAR must be taken care of. 
APPSTACLE persues the aim to generate an open de-facto standard and an open source implementation of a complete technology stack for connected car scenarios, as well as an associated ecosystem of libraries, tools and also business models, services and service offerings. The development of networked vehicles is to be supported by the provision of suitable components in order to, for example, administer vehicle data decentrally or to enable innovative development features (OTA(Over the air) ECU upgrades). By means of open access software libraries, APIs, the development of a standardised automobile gateway (with standardised communication technologies) as well as a development and administration platform, an overarching basis is created that enables innovative and at the same time efficient applications in the areas Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing and automotive. Additionally, interfaces for the individual extension for new features and adaptation of existing ones are provided.

APPSTACLE is working within the European consortium on three key elements: the automobile platform (In-Car components), the Car2Cloud communication solution, and the (automotive) Cloud respectively IoT platform. The German consortium is concentrating on the automobile and automotive IoT platform, as well as on the provision of a demonstrator. Suitable communication solutions therein represent results of other part consortia. The developed platform will be published as open source under the Eclipse Public Licence at the Eclipse projekt Kuksa. Because of the open availability of the source code and the documented interfaces, open source as well as commercial services will arise which will, over time, yield an ecosystem for connected car scenarios.