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Enabling of Results from AMALTHEA and others for Transfer into Application and building a Community

The context of the AMALTHEA4public project is software engineering for embedded multi-core systems – predominantly for, but not limited to, automotive systems. The core scope is to aid efficient and effective model based software engineering for embedded multi-core systems.

The goal of AMALTHEA4public is to integrate results of various publicly funded projects and new developments into the methods and Ecplise based tool platform that resulted from the AMALTHEA project. It is hoped that this will strengthen the community and drive the implementation of this tool chain in industry and research institutions in order to widely establish the tool chain platform as a de-facto standard. 

The outcomes of the earlier AMALTHEA project represent an Eclipse based, open source tool chain infrastructure, containing several basic tools. AMALTHEA4public will offer additional new and simple interfaces to enable comprehensive adaptation and expansion of the platform. Planned features include test applications, verification and validation, safety (ISO-26262 and ISO-61508), systems engineering, product line engineering and many-core development processes, as well as domain extensions towards ICT and automation technology.

Embedded software projects, especially automotive software projects, are driven by various players, like automotive system suppliers and OEMs, tool vendors, software component or IP vendors and various engineering and consulting companies. Additionally, the complexity of automotive software projects requires dedicated tool chains tailored to the needs of the specific project. These tool chains have to combine the best in class tools, either commercially available or propriatory, as well as open source tools. AMALTHEA4public is providing a base infrastructure that facilitates the combination of these complex tools and design flows, and enables consistent data management. It allows inter-company research and development (R&D) and helps to manage software design flows for heterogeneous, cross company, multi site, and cross discipline projects. This enables automotive suppliers and OEMs to develop complex products more efficiently and it helps tool vendors and engineering companies to integrate their products and know-how into projects. It also improves re-use and sharing of development artefacts.

The innovative aspects of AMALTHEA4public are the integrative concept of the open source tool chain platform and the definition and integration of all necessary tools for handling the complexity of large software systems targeting multi-core ECUs. Interfaces, models and DSLs have to be designed and developed or investigated and adopted from other public funded projects for this integrative tool chain. AMALTHEA4public can incorporate innovative concepts for the early design phase to allow front loaded design, early behaviour analysis and cross domain systems engineering. Verification and test support through all stages are further innovations.

The most important expected outcomes are an Eclipse-based tool chain environment, the integration of tools for all major design steps, and the demonstration of the capabilities within a real world case showing the extended AMALTHEA design flow and methodology. On top of that a community is being built around the open source tools to disseminate the results and to ensure continuous development of the tool chain platform.