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The establishment of the competence center DRZ

The University of Applied Sciences Dortmund participates in the joint project with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and with IDiAL. The focus of the research work is the development of new mobile ground robots that can detect and extinguish fires. Dangerous conditions such as smoke and heat pose particular challenges for the development of mechanics, sensors and navigation methods. Both the mechatronic requirements (machine and vehicle construction) as well as the algorithms and control software modules (IDiAL) for the robot systems are defined and developed, and holistic research is carried out into new methods and concepts. Before the development of new robot systems, the requirements within the scope of the modularisation concepts for robot platforms and payload modules are defined together with the application partners. Furthermore, the autonomous assistance functions necessary for controlling the mobile robots are developed and implemented in a demonstrator. The sustainable design of academic promotion of young talent and application-oriented training is another working point in the project.

The implementation of the A-DRZ will create a national competence center with international appeal. For the first time in Germany, emergency services, researchers and industry will be working on the realisation of autonomous rescue robots and the establishment of a national and international robotics task force. In addition, test and test criteria will be developed to ensure later standardisation and certification of different robot systems.