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Process Improvement for Mechatronic and Embedded Systems

Process Improvement for Mechatronic and Embedded Systems (PIMES) researched since 2012 on intelligent technical systems. The structure and behaviour of intelligent technical systems is characterized by an inherent multiparadigm shift in the scientific domains of computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering. It is based on the conviction that these systems can only be designed with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach in cross-domain projects. With consideration of electronics, mechanics, control engineering and software engineering, appropriate development methods and tools are designed and validated. PIMES scientists are developing intelligent products for tomorrow, tailored to the application domains health and demographic change, resource efficiency and sustainable energy, as well as mobility and infrastructure.

Under the aegis of FH STRUKTUR supported research focus PIMES and in collaboration with research focus Mobile Business – Mobile Systems (MBMS), as well as Intelligent Business Information Systems (iBIS) and BioMedizinTechnik (BMT, both supported by FH STRUKTUR), IDiAL was founded.