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last revised on:

  • 12.06.2014

The International Office

International relations and international exchange belong today to the key tasks of modern universities. They play an important role in academic policies (initiatives for standards of excellence, accreditation procedures, internal evaluation, target agreements etc.).


The International Office offers a wide choice of services and information in all areas of international relations for students and staff but also for interested external persons.


“Pillars” of international relations are, for example, international students who begin their studies at Fachhochschule Dortmund, and German students who go abroad for studies or internships thus practicing internationality.


Key issues of the International Office:


  • Worldwide university cooperations
  • International strategy and policy issues
  • Studies and internships abroad
  • Financial aid and support, especially by external grants
  • Introduction to studies, admission and registration of international applicants
  • Tutorials, performance-oriented financial aid, matters of visa and residence permit
  • Assistance for exchange students