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ERASMUS+ Initiation and visiting trips

Visits to ERASMUS partner universities with the aim of preparing, supporting and evaluating mobility activities or initiating new ERASMUS partnerships can be supported by ERASMUS funds.

The travels must pursue the goal of creating the most favorable conditions for students and lecturers who study or teach at the partner university.

The coordinator visits to ERASMUS partner universities should evaluate the current ERASMUS exchanges and prepare new mobility measures.

The support of the ERASMUS outgoings at the ERASMUS partner universities and in companies may also be the reason for the visit.

If you would like to visit an international week with an existing partner, please apply for a staff mobility.

Goals and achievements


  • Intensification and consolidation of cooperation between universities
  • Supervision of the Outgoings of the FH Dortmund at the partner university and in the company
  • Information of the students at the host university about exchange possibilities at the FH Dortmund
  • Initiation of new ERASMUS partnerships


  • Payment of a Mobility Grant: Support from ERASMUS + funds from the EU is possible but subject to the availability funds.
  • The support is based on the guidelines for teaching stays and includes travel and subsistence allowance.
  • The travelers have to provide a sufficient insurance protection.

What expenses can be reimbursed?
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Reimbursement of subsistence costs in the amount of an EU daily rate differentiated by destination

The financial support is made subject to available funds and is based on the different living costs in the target countries ("program countries"). Uniform daily rates / unit costs apply for funding by German universities.

As of the project year 2014, the following fixed unit costs for four groups of countries apply to Germany up to the 14th day of the stay. From the 15th to the 60th day of the stay, the funding amounts to 70% of the mentioned unit costs:


Unit costs per day per
until the
14th day
of activity
(without travel day)

Unit costs per day per
from the 15th - 60th day
of activity
(without travel day) 70%
Denmark, Greatbritain, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden 160 EUR 112 EUR
Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy,
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus
140 EUR 98 EUR

Germany (Incomer), Lithuania, Malta,
former Yugoslav Republic, Macedonia, Portugal,
Slovakia, Spain

120 EUR 84 EUR
Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia 100 EUR 70 EUR

These unit costs are the cost of travel depending on the actual distances between the starting and the destination of the mobility, which are calculated uniformly throughout Europe using a calculation tool l.

The following amounts will be reimbursed per stay and depending on the distance:

Simple distance according to distance calculator  Unit costs per participant
              (= Round trip)
< 100km omitted
100 km – 499 km 180 EUR
500 km – 1.999 km 275 EUR
2000 km – 2.999 km      360 EUR
3000 km – 3.999 km 530 EUR
4000 km – 7.999 km 820 EUR
8000 km and upwards 1.100 EUR

Please note that arrival days, weekends and public holidays in the destination country cannot be financed.

There is no reimbursement of travel expenses within the framework of the LRKGs NRW.

Which conditions must be met?

The contact with the foreign university or the foreign company takes place in agreement with the International Office by the participant.

  • The trip is related to the exchange program ERASMUS +
  • Activity of the traveler at the Fachhochschule Dortmund
  • The potential partner university must be in possession of an ERASMUS + University Charter (EUC).

Organization and application

Please submit the following documents to Ms. Hösch up to 6 weeks before you start your mobility:

  • Application form
  • Copy of a business travel application approved by the professional supervisor
  • Invitation letter from the host university or similar, from which the exact dates of your visit emerge

You will then receive a grant agreement, in which the details of duration, funding amount and conditions are set, which you must sign signed before departure (in the original) in the International Office (Mrs. Hösch).

At the latest 4 weeks after your return, please submit a report on your arrival / visit trip. Information on the results obtained serves the maintenance and further expansion of our ERASMUS cooperation.

Note on business travel accounting

There is no reimbursement of travel expenses within the framework of the LRKG NRW, since you will receive unit costs.

If you would still like to submit a business travel statement, as the travel costs are higher than the Erasmus + subsidy, please select "partially" in the business travel application under "Reimbursement by third parties". A copy of the funding agreement must then accompany the billing documents.

Tax information

The Erasmus + Mobility Grant includes the residency and travel expenses, which are subsidized by unit costs. The beneficiary is required to pay personal tax on possible positive differences from real costs to unit costs.