Lecture plan for the study course Business Informatics (MSc) at the Faculty of Business Studies

This page contains the lecture plan for events from the Faculty of Business only!

All other information will be provided by the Faculty of Computer Science.

Summer semester 2020

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Please note that the lecture plan may be subject to changes even after the lecture period has begun. You can find the latest version on this pages. The latest changes are marked with their alteration date.

Lecture selection form (in brackets: number of weekly hours, abbreviated lecture type: SV=seminar, P=practice, Ü=exercise):

2nd semester
Finanzmanagement (2SV+2Ü)
Kostenmanagement (2SV+2Ü)
2nd semester
Fortgeschrittenes Geschäftsprozessmanagement
Fortgeschrittenes Geschäftsprozessmanagement (2SV+2Ü)
Internet-Management (2SV+2Ü)
Mobile Business and Mobile Systems
Mobile Business and Mobile Systems (2SV+2Ü)
Miscellaneous lectures
(optional, not related to a study course, usually in German)
Entrepreneurship (4SV)
Informationsveranstaltungen, Vermietungen etc.
Informationsveranstaltung ()