Research project profile Big Data Innovation Center


Due to the increasing collection of unstructured data (eg from social networks) and the high volume of data from the "Internet of Things IoT" environment with many data sources (including sensors), the challenges for the administration, storage and analysis of large amounts of data are growing be discussed under the term "Big Data".

The insights gained from the analysis of this data help companies to understand their customers better, to place products and services faster and more targeted in the right markets. The potentials of using big data technologies are very diverse due to the increasing digital transformation in companies.

The universities cooperating in the field of SAP use in teaching: Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, University Niederrhein have a cross-university Big Data Innovation Center (BDIC) to bundle the competences in this field.

The big data Innovation Center uses a common SAP BW on HANA system for:

  • Research
  • Teaching insert and
  • practical Projects

Researchers and partners