M.Eng. Robert Höttger

Teaching area  Distributed and Parallel Systems (DPS)
Automotive Software Engineering (SummerSchool)
Department  FB Informatik
Address  Otto-Hahn-Str. 23
44227 Dortmund
Room  OHS 23 2.OG 06
Phone  +49 (0231) 9112-9548
Fax  +49 (0231) 9112-9557
Further data  • PhD student in cooperation with Osnabrück University
• Eclipse committer for APP4MC, Kuksa
• Eclipse Kuksa co-projectleader

Robert is a computer science researcher for automotive engineering projects. Currently lecturing the distributed and parallel systems course at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, he works on diverse activities together with students and is further involved in several international ITEA projects since 2011. Since 2015, he is a committer for Eclipse APP4MC and since 2016 he is co-software-project-leader for Eclipse Kuksa. Such activities are part of Robert's PhD studies in cooperation with Osnabrück University. Since 2017, Robert is mentoring Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects on behalf of the Eclipse Foundation. Related research projects are: AMALTHEA, AMALTHEA4public, APPSTACLE, and PANORAMA.

Research focus: embedded software, real-time systems, automotive software, multi- and many-core systems, systems engineering, open source tooling, eclipse.

Below, some of Robert's publications are listed:


  1. Robert Höttger: Driving the Future Connected Vehicle with Eclipse Kuksa, Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble, France 19.02.2019 Available at http://eclip.se/fo
  2. Robert Höttger, Lukas Krawczyk, Burkhard Igel, Olaf Spinczyk: Memory Mapping Analysis for Automotive Systems, Work in Progress Paper, 25th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium RTAS, Montreal, Canada. 16.04.2019 available online.
  3. Robert Höttger, Burkhard Igel, Olaf Spinczyk: Constrained Software Distribution for Automotive Systems, ICIST - International Conference on Information and Software Technologies, 12.10.2019.
  4. Robert Höttger, Junhyung Ki, The Bao Bui, Burkhard Igel, Olaf Spinczyk: CPU-GPU Response Time and Mapping Analysis for High-Performance Automotive Systems, WATERS Workshop of the ECRTS Conference, 09.07.2019.
  5. Philipp Heisig, Sven Erik Jeroschewski, Johannes Kristan, Robert Hoettger, and Ahmad Banijamali: Bridging the Gap between SUMO & Kuksa: Using A Traffic Simulator for Testing Cloud-based Connected Vehicle Services, SUMO Conference 2019.
  6. Joerg Tessmer, Robert Höttger: Offene Plattform für Connected Cars – Einführung in APPSTACLE und Eclipse Kuksa, Elektronik Praxis: Next-Mobility.News, Available online 


  1. Robert Höttger, Jörg Tessmer: 1st Workshop on Software Engineering for Applied Embedded Real-Time Systems (SEERTS). Volume P-279, Pages 43–45. Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 5th–9th of March 2018
  2. Robert Höttger, Mustafa Özcelikörs, Philipp Heisig, Lukas Krawczyk, Pedro Cuadra, Carsten Wolff: Combining Eclipse IoT Technologies for a RPI3-Rover along with Eclipse Kuksa. Combined Proceedings of the Workshops of the German Software Engineering Conference 2018 (SE 2018), Pages 101–106, 2018. Available at: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2066/
  3. Robert Höttger, Johannes Kristan, Tobias Rawald: Eclipse Kuksa – Die Plattform für Connected Cars. JAXenter online magazine. 13.04.2018. Available at: https://jaxenter.de/iot-automotive-eclipse-kuksa-69713 
  4. Robert Höttger and Tobias Rawald: Eclipse Kuksa - Developing an Open Source Connected Vehicle Ecosystem. EclipseCon France 2018: Regular talk, June 2018. Available at http://eclip.se/eh 
  5. Robert Höttger: Eclipse Kuksa: An open Ecosystem for Connected Vehicles. EclipseCon France 2018: Interview, Research Corner, and Pitch Session Talk, June 2018. Available at http://eclip.se/eg
  6. Robert Höttger: Why Open Source is Driving the Future Connected Vehicle, MIGW Conference, September 2018.


  1. Robert Höttger, Burkhard Igel, Olaf Spinczyk: On Reducing Busy Waiting in AUTOSAR via Task- Release-Delta-based Runnable Reordering, in Proceedings of the 2017 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition, DATE ’17, pages 1510–1515. IEEE, March 2017.
  2. Robert Höttger, Mustafa Özcelikörs, Philipp Heisig, Lukas Krawczyk, Carsten Wolff, Burkhard Igel: Constrained Mixed-Critical Parallelization for Distributed Heterogeneous Systems, in Proceedings of the 2017 Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications, IDAACS ’17, IEEE, September 2017.
  3. Robert Höttger, Harald Mackamul, Andreas Sailer, Jan-Philipp Steghöfer, Jörg Tessmer: APP4MC: Application Platform Project for Multi- and Many-core Systems, in IT - Information Technology. Methods and Applications of Informatics and Information Technology, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, July 2017.
  4. Robert Höttger: APP4MC: Model-Based Embedded Multi-Core Development Made Easy. EclipseCon France 2017: Interview, Research Corner, and Pitch Session Talk, June 2017
  5. Robert Höttger, Mustafa Özcelikörs: PolarSys Rover User Story: Application Platform Project for MultiCore (APP4MC). Eclipse Polarsys Working Group Blog, June 2017
  6. Pedro Cuadra, Lukas Krawczyk, Robert Höttger, Philipp Heisig, Carsten Wolff: Automated Scheduling for Tightly-Coupled Embedded Multi-Core Systems using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms, in Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Information and Software Technologies, ICIST ’17, Springer, October 2017.
  7. Johannes Geismann, Robert Höttger, Lukas Krawczyk, Uwe Pohlmann, David Schmelter: Automated Synthesis of a Real-time Scheduling for Cyber-physical Multi-core Systems, in Communications in Computer and Information Science - Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, Springer 2017, to appear.
  8. Robert Höttger: APP4MC: Model-Based Embedded Multi-Core Development Made Easy. EclipseCon France 2017, Toulouse, June 2017.
  9. Robert Höttger, Harald Mackamul : Eclipse APP4MC - Embedded Multicore Optimization; RPI Rover: IoT, Cloud, and Multicore Technologies at Once. EclipseCon Europe 2017: Automotive Unconference & Agora Session Talk, IoT Playground, and Regular Session Talk, October 2017. http://eclip.se/d8; http://eclip.se/d9; http://eclip.se/da


  1. Robert Höttger, Uwe Lauschner, Phil Närdemann, Philipp Heisig, Carsten Wolff, Erik Kamsties, Burkhard Igel: Teaching Distributed and Parallel Systems with APP4MC, in International Symposium on Embedded Systems and Trends in Teaching Engineering, DesIRE ’16, pages 126–134, September 2016.
  2. Robert Höttger, Mustafa Özcelikörs, Burkhard Igel: Developing a Multicore RC-Car with APP4MC, EclipseCon Europe 2016, October 2016.


  1. Lukas Krawczyk, Robert Höttger, Christopher Brink, Carsten Wolff: AMALTHEA - Eine durchgängige Entwicklungsplattform für die modellgetriebene Entwicklung automobiler eingebetteter Systeme, in Proceedings of the Paderborner Workshop to the Design of Mechatronic Systems, Paderborn, 2015
  2. Robert Höttger, Lukas Krawczyk, Burkhard Igel: Model-Based Automotive Partitioning and Mapping for Embedded Multicore Systems, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel, Distributed Systems and Software Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015
  3. Carsten Wolff, Robert Höttger, Burkhard Igel, Erik Kamsties, Uwe Lauschner, and Christopher Brink: Automotive Software Development with AMALTHEA. In 4th International Scientific Conference on Project Management in the Baltic Countries, April 2015
  4. Robert Höttger, Phil Närdemann, Lukas Krawczyk: Comprehensive Utilization of the AMALTHEA Tool Platform A Use-Case along with the Parallax Activity Bot. In International Research Conference Dortmund, June 2015
  5. Robert Höttger, Burkhard Igel, Olaf Spinczyk: Utilizing Vector-Clocks in an Iterative Tracing Approach for Distributed Embedded Systems. In 18th International Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems, SCOPES’15. ACM, June 2015

Until 2014

  1. Robert Höttger, Daniel Fruhner, Burkhard Igel, Carsten Wolff: Managing an EU-funded Research Project - Case Study on AMALTHEA, in Proceedings of the International Research Conference Dortmund, 2012
  2. Robert Höttger, Burkhard Igel, Erik Kamsties: A Novel Partitioning and Tracing Approach for Distributed Systems Based on Vector Clocks, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS), Berlin, 2013
  3. Robert Höttger, Burkhard Igel, Erik Kamsties: Vector Clock Tracing and Model Based Partitioning for Distributed Embedded Systems, in Proceedings of the International Journal of Computing, Ternopil Ukraine, 2013
  4. Daniel Fruhner, Robert Höttger, Sebastian Köpfer, Lukas Krawczyk: Partitioning and Mapping for Embedded Mutlicore System Utilization in Context of the Model Based Open Source Development Environment Platform AMALTHEA, in Proceedings of the International Research Conference Dortmund, 2014