Dr. Jana Johanna Haeckel


Dr. Jana Johanna Haeckel

Jana Johanna  Haeckel
Department  FB Design

Jana J. Haeckel is a researcher, curator and lecturer based in Brussels. Her fields of research are contemporary art, visual culture and media studies, with a focus on image and body politics. She holds a PhD in the History of Art (UCL) and studied art history, comparative literature, and French philosophy at the Humboldt University Berlin and Sorbonne Paris.

At University of Applied Science and Art Dortmund she has been recently teaching the seminars "Portrait and Identity in the history of photography" (Winter semester 2019/20), "Black Skin, White Masks - Postcolonial Theory in the Arts (Summer Semester 2019), “From Camera Obscura to Post-Photography. Introduction Into the History and Theory of Photography” (Wintersemester 2018/19), “Biennials and Beyond - Exhibitions That Made Art History” (Summer semester 2018), "Me, Myself and I - Self-Constructions in front of the Camera" (Winter semester 2017/18) and "How to see the world - Seeing and Understanding Images" (Summer semester 2017).