BA Spatial and Object Design (7 Semesters)

Spatial and object design is like a three-dimensional narrative. In this programme spatial design focuses on dramatizing spaces by using various media in such a way that spectators, visitors and customers will explore these spaces with enthusiasm. Creating objects and products also focuses on design with a formulated message or intention. The programme concentrates on the design of three-dimensional spaces with the aim of creating events or artistic intervention in shops, at exhibitions, interiors, in films, on stage, in museums, architecture and in the public space.

Our alumni possess detailed and relevant knowledge on the specific usage and application of different materials, lighting, colours and room structure. They apply this knowledge to create accessible communication spaces and to use them professionally in the different areas of the creative industry. These skills include an understanding for the technical aspect as well as for the collaboration on projects with architects, engineers and producers. Networking the study projects offered with external partners both after and during the programme grants an insight on the daily professional life of a spatial and object designer.

This application-oriented SPATIAL AND OBJECT DESIGN bachelor programme lasts 7 semesters and is completed with an exam for the Bachelor of Arts degree.