Master SOUND (Beginning: Summer Semester 2016)

The SOUND master programme aims both at expanding the working methods and scientific analysis skills acquired in the basic courses of study and working towards professional self-employment. One of the pre-conditions for this is strengthening of one’s own skill set beyond the field of film sound design.

To achieve this goal three specialised modules are dedicated to the occupational fields of advertising (sound branding), ecologic design (acoustic-design / soundscape composition) and industry (product sound design) for one semester, respectively. A fourth specialised module conveys skills for conceptual planning and technical implementation of performance, installation and event projects as well as knowledge that will enable alumni to work in a leading position as sound supervisor/mixer.

The core of the programme consists of two consecutive major subject modules. These deal with the planning and realisation of set recording and field recording with sound teams for a larger film project with the MA FILM in Dortmund, as well as with the professional sound editing and/or the sound design in all disciplines of sound and the Surround mix preparation for the same film project.

Modules on audio-visual science and the transfer of key competences (creative leadership, start-ups in the creative industry) complement this specialised programme in order to enable alumni to become self-employed or to prepare them for a position in research or teaching.

The SOUND master programme lasts 3 semesters and is completed with an exam for the Master of Arts degree.