MA Photographic Studies (4 Semesters)

The application-oriented PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIES master programme focuses on the interactions of the medium of photography with other media. The curriculum integrates the latest discourses and trend-setting theories from the fields of visual, media and communication studies.

This master programme offers the chance to build upon the knowledge acquired in the BA or Diploma programmes on the various aspects of medial dialects and/or within the genres of photography. This is then turned into individual projects within a crossover of different fields of media. The programme deals with the degree of importance attributed to photography in relation to societal, cultural and critical values within the different areas of application (image production, image perception and image placement) respectively.

The master programme is aimed at alumni of any programme concentrating on photography (BA or Diploma). The programme is project-based and includes both the technical qualifications as well as the broadening of one’s individual creative skills and forms of expression. Interdisciplinary cooperation is considered to be a fundamental part as much as is the critical reflection of media events.

The PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIES master programme currently lasts 4 semesters and is completed with an exam for the Master of Arts degree.

The academic year begins with the Summer Semester. Application deadline is therefore always January 15th.