MA Film (3 Semester)

The FILM master programme addresses qualified alumni who hold a degree from any study programme in the field of FILM (BA or “Diplom”).

The Labor digitaler Produktionsweisen (Laboratory for Digital Methods of Production) is where non-linear working methods are examined regarding their effects on film aesthetics and subject matter as well as on ‘new’ individual and collective working methods, business models and lifestyles.

The approach here is a Design des Realen (‘design of the real’) which approaches the world’s reality in different ways. It questions, experiences, learns, understands, imagines and dreams a world that remains unchanged in its complexity and its inconsistency. Starting points are the traditional forms of documentaries, feature films and shorts in all variations. Both the historic perspective on different forms as well as on working methods are just as important as is the experimental aspects. The Ruhr region is Germany’s largest urban metropolitan area; many of the topics that will be worked on during the course of the programme stem from the specific reality of this region.

Interdisciplinary seminars are offered in cooperation with the departments’ other design programmes (Photography, Communication Design, Spatial and Object Design). A collaboration on a practical level arises in connection with the SOUND programme during the postproduction of the graduation film project.

Moreover, students can select from a portfolio of scientific seminars or key competences which would enable the alumni to become self-employed within the film industry and laying the foundation for an artistic or academic career.

The FILM master programme lasts 3 semesters and is completed with an exam for the Master of Arts degree.