BA Film & Sound (7 Semesters)

The FILM & SOUND bachelor programme qualifies students for the planning and realisation of film projects. The interdisciplinary approach to film is set in the framework of a project-based course of several subject modules during which independent film and sound projects are realised.

The students of the FILM & SOUND BA programme receive qualification in creative, technical, scientific and basic competences that will enable them to work professionally as part of a creative team in movie projects (fiction, documentary, experimental or advertisement) as well as in audio-visual treatments for scenographic concepts.

In addition to focusing on film, the programme also offers training to become a film sound designer including the following disciplines: set recording, field recording, sound editing, sound design, Foley editing as well as ADR taking and ADR editing all the way to preparation for mixing. The curriculum for the core subject “Film” includes modules from the Institut für Computermusik und elektronische Medien (ICEM) at Folkwang University of the Arts for the presentation of classes on music history, acoustics, sound synthesis and electronic composition.

A film studio, 160 m2 – 8m high green screen, analogue and digital cameras (up to 4k resolution), light and sound engineering equipment, editing systems, colour correction (Da Vinci), sound editing studios (5.1) and a 5.1 cinema auditorium (2K DCP) are available.

The FILM & SOUND bachelor programme lasts 7 semesters and is completed with an exam for the Bachelor of Arts degree.