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Due to the current Corona crisis, library opening times and services are reduced until further notice.

You can find more information on the consequences of the pandemic for the library on this page (currently only available in German).

Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us in case you have any questions.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

  • in person:

    • please find our locations as well as our opening and service times on this page
      (in German only, Öffnungszeiten = opening times/Servicezeiten = service times, i. e. the daily time period during which we offer the full range of library services - for details please feel free to ask)
    • for booking an appointment with our staff please use our online booking tool

  • via e-mail: bib@fh-dortmund.de
  • by giving us a call during our service times (using 0049 as the German national prefix):

    Emil-Figge-Str. 44 Sonnenstraße Max-Ophüls-Platz
    (0231)9112-4917 (0231)9112-9135 (0231)9112-9441

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for library use?
If you are enrolled at Fachhochschule Dortmund as a student, you do not have to register. FH Dortmund staff, TU Dortmund students and external users need to fill in our online registration form which you can access using this link.

The form is in German, but you can always ask our staff for help (see contact details above). Exchange students please be aware that, depending on your enrolment status, you might be considered an external user (e. g. if you do not have an FHCard).

What is my library user number and password?
For certain library services (e. g. accessing your online library account, using our self-service issue machines, printing from our PCs etc.), you need to log in using the following:
  • user number (Benutzernummer/-name): the number printed on the backside of your FHCard/library card (for external users), underneath the barcode
  • password: your date of birth in six digits (DDMMYYYY). This is a preset password which you can change if you like.

How can I find books and other types of media/literature in the library?
You can browse our (electronic and printed) media using our RiO search engine. The language can be set by clicking "Sprache" in the top right corner of the RiO homepage.

You can use our search PCs (Recherche-PCs) in the library. If during your search you come across a printed book that you would like to borrow, you can find it on the shelf using the book code (Signatur) that is provided in RiO. The books are sorted alphabetically according to their book codes. E-books and other electronic content can also be found and accessed via RiO. You can usually read or even download them if you are at the library. If you have any questions concerning finding books in RiO or on the shelves, our library staff will be happy to help.

You can also search RiO at home using your own PC or mobile device. In order to access our electronic media from those, you need to install VPN. In case you need help with that, please contact the IT helpdesk (see information below).

Where and how can I check out and return library books?
During our service times (Servicezeiten) you’re invited to use our issue desks (Ausleihtheken) for checking out and returning books. Each library also offers self-service issue machines (Selbstverbucher) and in our Emil-Figge Library you can as well use our self-service return machine (Rückgabeautomat).

If you would like to return books during our closing time in our Sonnenstraße and Max-Ophüls-Platz libraries, you need to use the return boxes (Rückgabeboxen). They are located outside the library: Next to the lockers in the hallway (Sonnenstraße) / in room E38 (Max-Ophüls-Platz).

For how long can I keep library books and other media?
The lending period (Leihfrist) for our books is 4 weeks. If the book has not been reserved by another user, the lending period will automatically be renewed twice for 4 weeks each time. After that, it can no longer be renewed. You will be notified via e-mail if one of the books you have checked out is reserved by another user/patron.

The lending period for bound journal volumes (Zeitschriftenbände) and DVDs is 2 weeks without any renewals.

How can I reserve a book? When and how can I pick it up?
A reservation (Vormerkung) can only be made in case a book is currently checked out by another user. As soon as the user returns the book you will be notified via e-mail. After that, you can collect it from the pick-up shelf/area (Abholregal/-bereich) within 7 days after receiving the notification.

In order to place a reservation on a certain book, please proceed as follows:

  • find the book in our RiO search engine
  • click "vormerken/zum eigenen Standort bestellen"
  • select the library you would like to pick up the book from and click "Auswahl übernehmen" to confirm your choice
  • click the link "entliehen bis ..." next to the book code and library location
  • enter your user number and password and click "bestätigen"

Where can I find rooms or spaces for individual and/or group study in the library?
At the Emil-Figge-Str. 44 library there are many individual workstations (Einzelarbeitsplätze). You can also reserve small rooms for group work (Gruppenarbeitsraum). A group must consist of at least three people. The rooms can be reserved by entering your matriculation number in a list on the door frame of the room in question.

Our Sonnenstraße and Max-Ophüls-Platz libraries also offer workstations which you can use for studying on your own or in a group with your fellow students.

Where and how can I print/copy/scan documents in the library?
You can print, copy and scan in all our libraries. There are different devices for doing so:

In the Emil-Figge-Str. 44 and Sonnenstraße libraries you can print directly from one of our PCs using the printing station (Druckstation). In order to do so, please proceed as follows:

  • on any of our library PCs, click "Druckvorbereitung" on the desktop and enter your library user number and password (see above)
  • open the document (it has to be in PDF format) and click "print" (Drucken.
  • log on to the PC next to the printing station in our copy room
  • your document will show up on the screen so you can start printing
  • the costs will be registered in your library account and you can pay at the issue desk
Before using our multi-purpose devices (copying, printing, scanning) please make sure there is enough money charged onto your student card.

Using our book scanners is free, all you need is a USB stick. The scanner language can be set to English.

How can I access the internet in the library?
You can either bring your own mobile device and access the WiFi via eduroam just like anywhere else in the Fachhochschule. Or else you can use one of our library PCs. In this case, you need to log in with your user number and password (see above). If you need help do not hesitate to contact the IT Helpdesk (see contact details below).

Where and how can I pay library fines and fees?
  • Emil-Figge-Str. 44: cash, FHCard (money chip) or debit card - please use the pay machine in the library foyer
  • Sonnenstraße: FHCard
  • Max-Ophüls-Platz: FHCard
Fines and fees that amount to a sum of at least 10 Euros can also be transferred to our bank account. If you would like to transfer money please contact us for bank details.

Please be aware that your library account will be blocked as soon as the amount due has reached 30 Euros (for FH students and employees) or 10 Euros (for external users). No books can be checked out with a blocked account. Please contact us for more information on how to unblock your account.

Does the library offer any online language courses and video tutorials for self study?
Yes! You have access to online courses for 24 different languages (levels A0 up to A2 or B1) via Rosetta Stone, including German language courses. In order to register for Rosetta Stone you need an e-mail address connected to the Fachhochschule (…@fh-dortmund.de or …@stud.fh-dortmund.de). For registration please visit hbznrw.sprachen-online.eu. The registration progress is in German, but there is an English-language guide on how to register (see right hand column of this website).

You can also browse the LinkedIn Learning video library for tutorials on lots of different topics such as IT, marketing, photography, software and many more. There are videos in both English and German. For registration you will need an e-mail address connected to the Fachhochschule (…@fh-dortmund.de or …@stud.fh-dortmund.de). Please register here: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/activate

If you have any questions concerning Rosetta Stone or LinkedIn Learning, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Who can I ask in case I have questions concerning ...?
  • ... general library use (e. g. checking out and returning books, loan periods, services etc.)?
    • During our service times feel free to ask our staff at the issue desk. As long as the library is open you can also give us a call. And of course you can always send us an e-mail.
  • ... how to find literature?
    • During the lecture period you can consult one of our librarians at the information desk in the Emil-Figge-Str. 44 library. There will be someone to help you from Monday to Friday between 11 AM and 3 PM. In addition to that, we offer regular appointments at all of our three libraries which you can book online. But please also feel free to call or e-mail us.
  • ... technical and software problems?
    • The IT helpdesk team is always happy to help you with this kind of question. You can find their current opening times on their website (in German only - Vorlesungszeit = lecture period, vorlesungsfreie Zeit = free period.

    Please find all the contact details for the library at the top of this page.