Martin Kuhn


Martin Kuhn

Martin  Kuhn
Lehrgebiet  Wirtschaftsenglisch
Org.-Einheit  FB Wirtschaft
Adresse  Emil-Figge-Str. 38
44227 Dortmund
Raum  EFS 38 1.25
Sprechzeiten  Wintersemester 2019: Mo 16-17

(Während der vorlesungsfreien Zeit finden Sprechstunden nur nach Vereinbarung statt.)
Tel.  +49 (0231) 9112-4438
Fax  +49 (0231) 9112-4902

DAAD Certificate English for Masters / term abroad
I will happily issue you with a DAAD English Language Certificate during any of my office hours provided that you have achieved grade 2.0 or better in courses taken at Fh Dortmund.You will need to be there in person I'm afraid. If your grades are lower, then you will need to write a page in English highlighting your motives (and motivation), your preparation beforehand, and anticipated challenges (as well as your solutions to them) that could arise when staying abroad. Please take a printout of this along when you come to see me during office hours. If you want this certificate in order to gain a scholarship or any other funding, then please make that clear from the start.