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  • 15.01.2016

Center for Applied Studies and Education in Management (CASEM)





We are pleased to welcome you at the Center for Applied Studies and Education in Management (casem.). Our research and publications are devoted to the various field of management education unified under the roof of the case study method.

We are convinced that good teaching requires always application of theoretical concepts and models in a business context. The case study method allows for an appropriate and intensive learning experience that facilitates the transfer of theory on business situations. A good case requires careful preparation, especially of student and teaching notes and needs to be based on sound field research, but most important a comprehensive review process is required. We have developed a 360° review process in order to ensure highest quality of our cases.

We hope that you find all relevant information online and would be happy to welcome you as a new member of the casem. network e.g. academic, practitioner or student. If you should have any information, feedback or comment on this website, do not hesitate to contact us.

We invite you to learn about our vision and review process and get to know the professors and team researching and working for casem.



Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Büchler

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