kiU Salon mit Kal Spelletich

18.05.2017: 18.00–21.00 Uhr
Dortmunder U, 1 Etage//Moderation: Marcel René Marburger & Harald Opel
(Vortrag und Diskussion finden überwiegend in englischer Sprache statt)

Harvesting Brain DATA for Robotic Mayhem and Enlightenment

Kal Spelletich explores the interface of humans and robots, using technology to put people back in touch with real-life experiences. His work is interactive, requiring participants to enter or operate his pieces, often against their instincts of self-preservation. He probes the boundaries between fear, control and exhilaration.
At kiU-Salon Spelletich will discuss his latest project, where robots are responding live to human brain waves. For him, exploring new ways to use brain-wave reading technology is an experiment to improve people’s lives and exemplify the poetry of the mind: left-right brain research, as he put’s it, is perhaps a start at understanding the way the brain divides learning tasks between verbal and visual, analytical and global, logical and creative.

Basically, he is interested in exploring and critiquing transhumanism and critiquing the promise that new 'advances' in information and communication technologies will solve our problems and fulfill our dreams – that all we need to do is update, upgrade and replace our devices. Is technology stalking us or are we stalking technology? Spelletich has exhibited at The Catharine Clark Gallery, Gallery Maeght, De Young Museum and at SFMOMA. He was awarded San Francisco Art Commission funding for 2016.

In regelmäßigem Turnus läd das Medienlabor kiU Gäste aus Theater, Film, Philosophie und Medienwissenschaft in das Dortmunder U ein, um mit ihnen bei Brot und Wein und im Format eines dialogischen Salons Gegenwart und Zukunft der audio-visuellen Künste zu diskutieren.