ausstellung / exhibit

#CC - carbon copy

a collaboration about construction and deconstruction between sabine an huef and volker heinze


in the chinese perception of art, design and other creative fields, concepts such as comments, imitations and copies are not only in fixed positions, but are more the concrete ingredients of cultural identity. the european culture of an original found in asian cultures is neither equivalent nor considerable. we try to adapt this asian position into our work and refill (without any evaluation carried out) with our individual (european) thoughts and imaginations.

we both rotated initial images, text, files or found ma­ter­ials in order to be commented, copied and complemented by the other. In some way, we do not care who is the author and have no clue how often we swap the work. this is an unobstructed and experimental possibility for us to ex­plore adequately an uncommon place; it is as well a chance to approach its culture with an improved authentic understanding.

HKBU AVA Gallery (Kai Tak Campus)
15.4. to 24.4.2016 opening hours 10 am to 6 pm
opening at friday 15th april 7 to 9 pm
51 kwun tong road, kowloon, hong kong